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Our investment focus is based on – but not limited to – lifestyle brands rooted in leather goods and accessories

Bruno Magli is a global luxury shoe and accessories brand. Founded in 1936 in Bologna, Italy by Bruno Magli and his siblings Marino e Maria Magli.

In the booming 60s, Magli’s inven:on of the pump marked the great success of the brand: stiletto heels and pointed toes became a must since that period. Not less than 12 pairs of Ladies Shoe in the permanent exhibi:on of the Museum of Modern Art, New York marked the innovative power and design competence of the Brand.

In the 1980’s and beginning of 90’s the Magli shoe manufactory act as a typical successful family-runned company: it moves into franchising as a means of expanding its retail opera:ons.

In January 2002, the Magli family signed an agreement with Opera, a specialized investment fund for the complete takeover of the Bruno Magli company. On January 2007, Fortelus Capital acquired the equity of Bruno Magli S.p.A. and invested into a Ladies Fashion Collection to innovate the brand.

In January 2014 the company was acquired by Da Vinci Luxury AG to consolidate business and relaunch the brand. Aler internal revision and reorganization the brand assets are sold to the American Marquee Brands LLC.

Due to our Management efforts all undisputed liabilities to creditors (about 14 M euros) were paid. Business operations can now be con:nued with a balance of approximately 12 M euros.

HEROES is a new Luxury brand for shoes and leather goods for HNWI markets with a selective distribution strategy and own shops worldwide. The first HEROES collec:on was successfully presented on March 1, 2015, together with Vogue Italia in Milan, as part of the Milan Fashion Week (see also http://www.vogue.it/sfilate/fashion-events/2015/02/heroes-e-vogue-italia-brunch)

Due to innovative products and their attractive collection the HEROES brand was able to confirm a license agreement with Manchester United, the largest sports club in the world. As the OFFICIAL SUPPLIER FOR LEISSURE SHOES for men, women and kids MANCHESTER UNITED LIFESTYLE SHOES act as an own brand and opens a very powerful mass market opportunity with a huge growth poten:al especially in the overseas markets.