Da Vinci Luxury - Invest in Luxury

We are the business angels of our brands’ dreams

We empower our brands to grow and expand through networking: encouraging them to envision new ways of creating a superior product, service and customer experience while building upon their heritage and excellence.

We make corporates innovate like start-ups

We manage to change the mindset of our brands from a traditional corporate to a much more entrepreneurial thinking. With our tools & techniques, we help to save money, make faster decisions and lower investment risks.

And suddenly the world looked a different place – full of opportunities!

Innovation is driven by people, not by corporate processes.
Passion and energy are the key to growth.
That’s why our successfully innovation board supports our corporate brand teams with a plaLorm to develop new business ideas that they are passionate about.

We’re building a digital group platform

We live the world of connected, digital experiences and rapidly evolving consumer behaviors, that challenges traditonal models of retail. With a view to customer centricity, we’ve been building a group-wide plaLorm that will enable our brands to deliver seamless luxury shopping experiences across all channels.

By operating at a group level, DaVinci Luxury AG can partner with best-of-class service provider to create a centralized business plaLorm that is scalable, allowing us to be attentive to each brand’s specific needs.

We treat information as most valuable asset that can move brand power into higher efficiency and stronger customer relalationship.

We will migrate our brands’ e-commerce sites onto a group infrastructure, resulting in cost reductions and improved backend capacities. Through our Multichannel Team, we act as an in-house agency for our brands at an operational level on key acti- vities including project management, localization, content production, site maintenance, graphic design, copywriting and search engine marketing.